How to hide and show files in windows using Attrib command?

Somtimes we store personel data or sensitive data in office or personnel machines. So we need a way to keep the data away from
others eyes. How to do?

To hide the files or folders, normally we use either
external tools or windows show or hide files and folders option.

Here is the different way to hide the files and folders using Attrib command.

1. Login as administrator.
2. Keep the files and folders you want to hide in the particular folder. For example c:\mydata.
3. Start-> type CMD and enter to command prompt.
4. In the command prompt type: attrib +s +h c:\mydata.

That's it!

You can't view the hidden folder in explorer. Even using the show hidden files option!.

Ok, now want to view the hidden data, how to do?

1. Login as admin.
2. Go to command prompt.
3. Type attrib -s -h c:\mydata

Now you can view hidden files in the c:\mydata folder.

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