Microsoft Powerpoint Slides to Microsoft Word

We normally use powerpoint to present the demo's. Since it is simple and easy for the end user to understand.

Sometimes situation arises like we have powerpoint presentation want to send to friend or clients who doesn't have powerpoint or need to use word to show the demo.

so how to share the powerpoint with them? or how to use the word to show power point demo? Microsoft Office 7 gives this power.

Here is the steps to bring the powerpoint slides to word.

1. Create or open the powerpoint presentation.
2. ALT+F -> select publish.
3. Select Create Handouts in Microsoft office word.
4. It shows Send To Microsoft Office Word dialog
5. Select the page layout
6. Choose Paste or Paste link option in the Add slides to Microsoft Office Word document...
7. Now Word will open with slides
you can save or take print out.

What is the difference between paste and paste link?

paste is static, whatever contents/slides currently in powerpoint will be copied to word and it remains unchanged even if you change original power point.

pastelink updates the word document if the orginal power point changes. Whenever you open the word document it will ask accept or reject the changes? based on your
answer it action will be performed.