Mobile Viruses

We are in the mobile world, nowdays almost everyone use mobile phones. It's become one of the most important item. We have to be aware how to protect the mobiles from Viruses.

Like computers, mobiles also get infected by viruses. Most of us doesn't aware of the mobile viruses. We store contacts, important information, files, photos and so on in mobile. So it is necessary to aware of the mobile virus.

How it spreaded?

The viruses comes to mobile most importantly thru the games and downloaded music files, video's.

What it does?

The mobile virus send messages, MMS to the contacts without your knowledge. The Virus program sends your contacts details to particular place based on how it is programed. Some virus infected mobile devices hunts the bluetooth enabled devices and spread the viruses.

Some of the Mobile Viruses

Cabir : This virus infected phones running in symbian OS. This virus replicated itself thru the bluetooth wireless network. If the phone infected by this virus then message 'Caribe' displayed each time switch on the phone. So be aware of it.

Skulls : If this virus infected then all the desktop icon images changed to images of skull. This is a trojan horse code.

Commwarrior: It is infecting symbian 60 series and once infected it sends the infected files to bluetooth devices.

How to protect?

There are lots of Anti-virus softwares available for the mobile viruses. Few are below,

  • Commander Mobile Anti-Virus for Symbian
  • NetQin Mobile Anti-virus for Android
  • Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile (Symbian)

You can use those and protect the mobile devices.