How to Safely Remove Hardware, If the Safely remove option not available in System Tray?

When we use USB drive, data cards..., we used to have option "Safely Remove Hardware" icon show up in the system tray.

Sometimes it is missing in my system tray. It is not adviced to unplug it before doing safely remove option. It will harm the device. So it makes me to shutdown the box to remove the USB drive safely. It pushed me to look at the way.

Here is the shortcut, which i use to safely remove USB drive and data cards.

1. open notepad

2. copy and paste the below in notepad

RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll

3. Go to File -> Save As option, enter the file name inside quote with extension as .bat.

For example if you want to keep this as safelyremove then "safelyremove.bat" and save. That is store the above content as batch file.

4. Click this batch file whenever you want to remove the USB drive or datacard safely.

This will show list of external devices connected to your system and click the one you want to remove and click stop.

The device will disappear from list. The window will show message , it is safe now to remove that device. You can remove now.