Windows: How to see the system information in command prompt?

Want to see the information like OS, OS version, OS configuration, OS build type, Product Id, BIOS version, Boot device, system model and so on in command prompt?

Just type systeminfo in command prompt, it takes a second and display the details like below format

Host Name:
OS Name:
OS Version:
OS Manufacturer:
OS Configuration:
OS Build Type:
Registered Owner:
Registered Organization:
Product ID:
Original Install Date:
System Boot Time:
System Manufacturer:
System Model:
System Type:
BIOS Version:
Windows Directory:
System Directory:
Boot Device:
System Locale:
Input Locale:
Time Zone:
Total Physical Memory:
Available Physical Memory:
Page File: Max Size:
Page File: Available:
Page File: In Use:
Page File Location(s):
Logon Server: