Gmail Notifier and CheckGmail

Gmail Notifier

Most of the people knows about the Gmail Notifier and Usage. Most of us use the Gmail Notifier in windows. It sits in system tray and changes the icon on receiving new messages. It pop's up the new message and on clicking it, you can read the mail directly.

This Gmail Notifier works in windows and Mac Operating Systems. It doesn't have download for linux OS. Most of the linux user's know it. So the linux user's missing this feature, mainly the people who switched from windows platform to linux.


There is an alternative Gmail Notifier for linux/unix users called CheckGmail. It is also system tray application. Same like Gmail Notifier, it changes the tray Icon on receiving the new mail and pop's up the number of new mails and short detail on it.

It supports many language and can run multiple instances with different mail accounts. It is fast and use minimun bandwidth.