Don't have hot items using Paper cups

Recent years, we use paper cups to have juice,tea, coffee in shops and mainly in office pantry. We are thinking it is hygiene. No harm to health. It is recyclable, so we are environmental friendly. Even i am thinking the same and use paper cups to have hot water and hot items like coffee, tea, soups.

Recently i read article about the paper cup, it was a shock to me, so want to share.

An IT guy had stomache pain many days. Not able find the reason. He went to doctor. Doctor asked many questions and scans find out that wax in the paper cup formed in his stomach.

The paper cup often coated with wax or plastic to avoid the leakage and paper soaking in liquid. When we use the hot items in those cups, the wax and light plastic paper melt and go inside our body. When we use paper cups for long period those wax formed in our stomach and creates problem.

It is better to have hot items in Glass or ceramic mugs or old fashion stainless steel coffee cups.