Looking for opensource equivalent to Microsoft office - OpenOffice , LibreOffice

Looking for open source which provides equivalent features of word, excel, powerpoint? You want to work in documents, want to prepare presentation but not having microsoft office.

There are open source available for this. i am just posting about two open source office suite.


The openoffice is there many years. Most of you aware of it and may be using it. I just giving small brief on whats there in openoffice.

Writer - like Microsoft Word
Calc - like Miscrosoft Excel
Impress - like Microsoft Powerpoint
Draw - like Microsoft Draw
Base - openoffice for database stuff

Its have complete suite, you can do document, presentation, work in spreadsheet, can draw like in word, excel, impress.. If you worked in MS, it is similar. If you are new, it is not hard to work in this. It is simple, best opensource.


Now new competition for openoffice. Oracle buys openoffice. Few months back, openoffice developers who seperated from Oracle are started Document Foundation and released the libreoffice. so the libreoffice is fork of openoffice.

Libreoffice is new office suite and contains features which openoffice have and added additional language support, came with import filters, SVG support and more flexibility in spreadsheet and so on.

This also have Writer - document, Calc - spreadsheet, impress - presentation, Draw - MS draw, math, base- database features, PDF creation tool.

Which one? Openoffice(OO) or LibreOffice:

Looking for free advanced office suite then as of now based on recent release libreoffice provides more than openoffice. Libreoffice have features which openoffice have and more than it.

At present the libreoffice have features in addition with openoffice features like import filters, language support, more flexibilty in calc spreadsheet and so on.

please share your comments and experience in openoffice and libreoffice.